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Meet Our Partners

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We searched the United States for well over two years to find a production partner who aligned with our values and the way in which we wanted to manufacture our collections (coming soon!).

We are proud to partner with Suuchi, Inc. for our production needs.

Succhi, Inc.’s Founder and CEO Suuchi Ramesh touts an impressive list of clients and experience. What we loved even more though was her commitment to supporting the success of companies who want to manufacture products ‘Made in USA’ as well as the fact her company, based right outside NYC, is woman-owned & mostly women-operated. As well, her commitment to cutting-edge technology means entrepreneurial ventures like MARU Collections can operation efficiently and effectively.


Amanda Uprichard

Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont

Boldfoot Socks


Eva Franco

It Is Well LA

LA Made

Lauren Moshi

McGuire Denim

Project Social T

Raleigh Denim Workshop

Rustic Dime


Show Me Your Mumu


Veronica M.